As a user (and abuser) of gear, and as one who has high expectations of performance, I do experience a very tangible joy when stuff works, or continues to work.  Conversely, as would be expected, I get very very upset when things fail to meet or exceed my expectations, especially when it falls short of performing as the manufacturer stated it would.

Also, being as most everything available on the ‘net has had at least a few reviews by independent users of whatever-it-is, I have taken advantage of these reviews and not given anything back, at least not in the form of real-world opinion and results derived from the use of whatever product I might be talking about.  Well, that time has come to an end!  Instead of worrying about how I might appear to some more experienced types, or whether anyone cares, all I strive to do is to provide, to the best of my experience, information that might help someone make an informed decision.  That said, understand that these are not technical treatises with graphs and resolution charts – these are “real world” working man’s opinions.  How the stuff makes me feel when I use it.  What works, what doesn’t (within the confines of my experience and knowledge), and what only worked for a while, and what I hope works again ….

Enough preamble already!  Below there is a list.  In no particular order, and by no means complete or comprehensive, it is a list of items, gear, or product that I have paid good money for, and, for whatever reason, am happy with it, ambivalent, or really wish I could go back in time and get my damn money back!  And of course, the why of it all …

Standard boring disclaimer:  Nobody paid me to say anything, good or bad, about any of this.  If you suddenly feel the urge to have me review something, send it to me – but don’t’ expect me to be anything less than honest!

I may not add to this list after the fact, but will add reviews of more gear as it occurs to me, or I get it, or I break it.  If you see an item on this list but don’t see a review for it since I haven’t got to it yet, and you NEED TO KNOW NOW! then drop me a line and I’ll tell you what you need to know (which I would then use as the text for the review).  Each listing will become a link after I put something up about it.

SONY NEX-FS700UK (early comments)

SONY RX100 mk2

SageMax Warranty from B&H (also Lifetime Service Center)


KENKO Teleplus Pro 300 DG 1.4x Teleconverter

METABONES Speed Booster Adapter (Canon EF- Sony Emount)

METABONES Smart Adapter  (Canon EF- Sony Emount)


GOPRO Hero3 Black


VINTEN Vision Blue Tripod/Head


DYNAMIC PERCEPTION Stage One Slider/MX2 and Motors, etc.

CANON 100-400 L lens

ROKINON 14mm f2.8 lens

COBRACRANE Backpacker Jib



VARIZOOM VZ-Rock LANC Controller