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Another Roughage Queen/Mizamook production .. they wanted to put this song by Burl Sheldon up, and thought it would go well with my wildlife and Alaskan nature clips … so … here it is!  

/ A Reel Strange Film

One fine day the phone rang … it was Burl Sheldon, asking me if I could/would help them make a video for their new song and put it on YouTube.  They thought it would be easy.  So did I, actually, but, true to form, I totally overcomplicated the whole thing and Nancy Berland was right […]

First Aerial Sailing Clips!

It’s been a dream of mine:  To shoot aerial video of our sailboat .. while sailing.  Now, as you can imagine, this presents some “slight complications” … the boat has lots of lines and stays and mast thingies poking up, as well as no real clear landing zone of any significant size … this necessitates […]

Haines Brewing Company Promo/Fedex Small Business Grant Contest

This project was one of those that required a whole lot of skillset growth, planning, lots and lots of shooting, and editing.  It really pushed my limits but also was kind of a breakthrough for me as it marked the first project of this magnitude that I feel came out fairly close to how it […]

Sea Lions! 2017 Montage

Montage of various aerial clips of Steller sea lions in Lutak Inlet, Haines, Alaska during springtime hooligan runs.  Shot with Phantom 4 Pro using care not to disturb the critters.  Clips and music available here: Sea Lions 2017 Media      

Past Notes

A few short sequences from last winter … something to keep you interested (hopefully) while I belatedly start working on some more recent footage!    

Autumn and Winter 2013 – Chilkat Autumn Ice and Eagles!

Scenes of Summer 2013 – Alaska Yukon Travel Adventure Montage

Not only does the dark, cold, windy Alaskan winter provide the requisite “down time” for creating these videos, but I’ve stopped shooting long enough to scramble together some footage for to allow a glimpse into what I’ve been doing over the course of the past year. This video is a smattering of clips shot while […]

SageMax Extended Warranty & Lifetime Service Center (Asurion)

I might sound a little irate about this. I’m not even warmed up. But if you want the skinny, DO NOT buy extended warranty (Sagemax) should you have the chance.   I’ve had two instances where I bought the Sagemax extended warranty for purchases from B&H Photo, and in neither case was I satisfied.  Buy […]

They’re onto me!

Here’s the video, about which this post is – backstory below!  Pond5 Artist Spotlight:  Mizamook Ok, sorry – nothing as nefarious as jack-booted thugs wiretapping my emails and watching me with drones from 10,000 feet or anything.  Not that I care if they did (they’d probably shut down the guv’mint for sheer boredom if they […]