Alaska 2011 Reels

Recent note: (as of 14-October-2013) I’m going to re-render these reels and post them on YouTube.  Stand by for that!


Please take the time to peruse and enjoy the videos linked to from this page. I welcome feedback….don’t be bashful. These videos exist to showcase the best of my year’s work (2011)  in an artistic way, and potentially drive clip buyers to my site and stock sites where the clips are for sale.

Because of the way I’ve set this up, I plan on rendering these videos again – I’ll explain this below. This gives me the opportunity to make improvements and act on suggestions. I am NOT willing to shorten the pieces to accommodate the diminutive attention spans of the modern Internet surfer. The length of the songs used determines the length of the reel.

Enough of this pedantic blather….here are the videos! (I am using links instead of embeds….it’s simpler, and that way I can just put the info for each video on the videos’ pages themselves)

The videos are password-protected; the first time you load each you will be prompted for the password, which is: (Ask me – until I rerender, these will be private, but viewable, a temporary situation (14-Oct-13)

First up, Scenic Nature and Timelapse

Then we have a bunch of wild animals, presented in two parts:

Part 1 – Spring and Summer

Part 2 – Autumn and Winter

Watching the seasons unfold is a great way to pass the time here in Alaska.

This video is how Autumn unfolded in front of my camera this year.

The following video was going to showcase boats in general, but because of the way the footage interacted with the music I chose, quickly turned into

A Tribute to the Tugboats of Kachemak Bay

Finally, at least for the moment, a sequence of clips expressing some of the thrilling and dynamic

Alaskan Winter Scenes of 2011