Statement of Intent

It is intended that this website/blog serves as a central location for informative purposes, primarily providing interested parties with means of researching what it is that I do, sharing this data with others, and contacting me if so desired.

This site also provides me with the ability to provide links to the sites of related companies, my friends’ sites, and information about products and services that I use and endorse. By clicking on these links, you will help me fund some of my endeavors, and I appreciate this! Ultimately, it will cycle around and improve the quality of my service(s) to you.

To this end, you will find carefully selected widgets and affiliate links to products and services herein. All products and/or services linked to from this site are those that are either used by myself, directly connected by personal relationship, or, if it is an external website or article, has my stamp of approval by default. I use the services of frequently. A small search box linked directly to Amazon from my site adds to your convenience and rewards me if you buy what you searched for. I am considering Google AdSense, but it would be a small thing, and only if targeted to products/services in keeping with the values of this site, its creator, and most importantly, its visitors.

Philosophically, I don’t have any problem receiving a monetary perk as thanks for endorsing and/or supporting products and services. It should be known however, that I am receptive to comments and suggestions . . . especially complaints.

You can also sidestep the middleman and donate directly if you wish! I would not complain … no, not at all!