What is "Mizamook"?

I’ve been asked this more than a few times, so here is the answer:

My business/web handle, “Mizamook”,(MEEZ-uh-mook) is a modification of the name of a fictitious character in a book that I liked very much. If you like a great fantasy read, (and I mean stimulating, engrossing, awesome, entertaining, and endearing!) then start with Tad Williams’ “The Dragonbone Chair”, 1st volume in the epic trilogy “Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn”, which consists of four volumes – go figure. It is likely that you will have to read the whole series.

The character was a princess in an Inuit-like society of small mountain-folk, an uppity and capable Qanuc chick with a very groovy and difficult name. Something like Sisqui – something-mizamook something like that… We named our first cat after her, and then when we got our first email account, Mizamook was not taken, as I made it up kinda.  Since then, Mizamook became a name I knew could be mine, and so it remains.

Thank you, Tad Williams!

Here are links to the books of “Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn” (in order).  I recommend the hardcover versions … you will relish turning physical pages, and you WILL want to keep them to read again and share! (Kindle versions also available)

Don’t hesitate to check out the other works of Tad Williams!