/the.cloud/ A Reel Strange Film

One fine day the phone rang … it was Burl Sheldon, asking me if I could/would help them make a video for their new song and put it on YouTube.  They thought it would be easy.  So did I, actually, but, true to form, I totally overcomplicated the whole thing and Nancy Berland was right alongside, goading me on with her own ideas and complications!  I think (I know) we enjoyed the process, but man oh man, it was a lot of work!  Still reeling from the post-production vacuous feeling “What do I do with myself now?”, despite knowing full well I needs must attend to the pile of projects that have been accumulating as I worked on video instead, I have only to wait for the word that Nancy and Burl, as “Roughage Queen Productions” indicating it’s ready to post, and so … here is our result:  (and please .. do us the honor of watching it at least twice, preferably full-screen!)

And … as of about 21:45, 21-May-2017, it is live!