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They’re onto me!

Here’s the video, about which this post is – backstory below!  Pond5 Artist Spotlight:  Mizamook Ok, sorry – nothing as nefarious as jack-booted thugs wiretapping my emails and watching me with drones from 10,000 feet or anything.  Not that I care if they did (they’d probably shut down the guv’mint for sheer boredom if they […]

Sony RX100 mk2 Review

This is a “quickie” review.  (hah!) Nothing in-depth, but to say for the most part I’m pretty amazed by this little camera!  I don’t, for the most part, do stills, but having it handy for things here and there is nice, and I was pretty stoked when, during a forest hike with Michele, I took […]


Over the summer of 2013, Michele and I moved from our place in Homer to Haines, Alaska.  Autumn is in the air, the woods are wet, the firewood is not in, and wild mushroom and berry-picking add to the many distractions this wonderful place offers to keep us busy as all-get-out. I expect to be […]

A Step Up- Sony’s NEX-FS700

I’ll admit it – I’m one of the FS700’s early adopters. By early I mean within the first year it was available. Who knows what nightmares the future may bring as its shortcomings and gotchas come into the light. What marvelous new product might pop up just around the corner, putting this otherwise amazing bit […]

Strange Seedpod/Seedhead ID!

If I’m going to keyword these clips correctly, I should know what this plant is…I’m looking mainly at the seedpods or seedheads (which become burrs, apparently) but also curious about the dark red stranded plant with the spindly stalk in the second photo.

Spiral Snow Labyrinth mk I

I’ll NEVER be bored in winter again….not that I’m ever actually bored, but now I’ll be looking forward to each storm on the windswept slopes across from the house!

Glacial Ice Treasure!

A Video on a Video Site! Amazing. Alaska 2011

PJPEG Rendering Test: Percentage Difference Masks

I was doing what I was told, and wondered. Now I no longer wonder. At least I won’t wonder about this until another bit of information comes along to cast that bit of doubt that will have me seeking another level of learning, which is where I’m at usually on one point or another. But […]

Wild Alaska Weather Rocks Our Reality

This is quite mild, relatively speaking, but when the house shakes, the outlets gush cold air, the windows flex, and we are still cold despite the wood disappearing at a prodigious rate, it’s still intense. I feel for the folks out there on the west coast – they are being hammered, for sure! It’s a […]